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The Harley Street Edit Podcast - Gua Sha with Jacina

Pleased to share my podcast with the Harley Street Edit - for those curious about Gua Sha.


This week we talk to Jacina Coyne on why Gua Sha should be part of your practices and be included into self care routines. As one of the original Eastern and Chinese Medicine applications, Jacina explains the origins of Gua Sha, it's initial use, and overall benefits. We also discuss how Gua Sha was circled out of rotation but is now having its time again. With facial Gua Sha and its crystal tools becoming more popular over the recent years, its never been easier to try Gua Sha in your home. A great way to help release stress and tension, Jacina explains how regular Gua Sha at home can help with fevers and colds, to neck pain and migraines. A great listen for anyone who's curious to know more.

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