1. Please fill out this form and email it to me before your treatment; this is confidential. Please send it back in Word Format - this means less printing and is more environmentally friendly. I then add your treatment notes to the health form.

  2. Come to the appointment ideally with a clean face and comfortable clothing. I offer to do 'before' photos as a record of how the treatment works over time.

  3. First sessions for new clients are 90 minutes as I need to go over the health form, take photos and talk about what can be expected from a course of treatments for cosmetic acupuncture.

  4. Please make sure you have eaten and try and be on time. I do appreciate any updates if you happen to be running late. My number is 07979531902. I try not to have my phone in treatment and can not always respond or pick up the phone.

  5. There is pay and display parking available on my street you can pay with the Ringo app. Parking hours are 9am- 5 pm and it is £2.20 per hour in zone V. I am also able to park my car in resident's parking so if that works please just let me know.

  6. Address: 13 Foxglove Street London W12 0QD, alternatively Jacina Acupuncture comes up with Google maps.

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