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Medichecks - Why take a Well Woman UltraVit test?


This blood test with Medichecks is a through blood screening for: thyroid function, female hormones as well as vitamins and minerals for energy and long-term health. I am doing it while being 12 weeks pregnant but it can be done at any time and I especially recommend it if you are trying to conceive.

Why do this test? This test is checked by a doctor who can help you understand if say you are feeling down or lacking energy or perhaps insight into why you are struggling to conceiver.

Even many expensive fertility clinics don't screen as thoroughly as this test; if you want to have an idea about your fertility status or if you are wanting to get pregnant it is best to be in as good health as possible.

Great to test before getting pregnant:

1. Anaemia (very hard to get pregnant if you are anaemic)

2. B12 (plays a huge role in wellness)

3. Vit D (hormone) from the sun

4. Magnesium (critical for good cognitive behaviour)

5.FSH, Luteinising Hormone and Oestradiol levels all fertility related.

Remember when trying to conceive it isn't just the egg the sperm counts for 50% - why not get your partner tested too? They have the Well Man Ultra Vit test.

Well Woman UltraVit Test with Medichecks

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here is a direct link to the well woman ultravit test.

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