Orgasmic Enlightenment Podcast with Kim Anami

Excited to be doing an Orgasmic Enlightenment Podcast interview with Kim Anami - she is a sex & relationship coach, vaginal weightlifter and surfer.

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I love her salons.... My review on Kim's website

How did Kim's Vaginal Kung Fu Salon help me?

After having a 5 kg pelvic abscess removed from my womb and ovaries in 2014 I felt really low. Doing Kim's salon helped me so much. She is a modern day Daoist and she shares ancient rituals for leading a more sexy, vibrant life.

After this surgery I was traumatised. Her salon helped me reconnect with myself and my femininity in a deeper way.

I credit having done Kim's salon, and making changes to my lifestyle, along with acupuncture, with the miracle of conceiving and giving birth to my baby girl Jade - without IVF naturally at the age of 40.