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Orgasmic Enlightenment Podcast with Kim Anami

Excited to be doing an Orgasmic Enlightenment Podcast interview with Kim Anami - she is a sex & relationship coach, vaginal weightlifter and surfer.

I love her salons.... My review on Kim's website

How did Kim's Vaginal Kung Fu Salon help me?

After having a 5 kg pelvic abscess removed from my womb and ovaries in 2014 I felt really low. Doing Kim's salon helped me so much. She is a modern day Daoist and she shares ancient rituals for leading a more sexy, vibrant life.

After this surgery I was traumatised. Her salon helped me reconnect with myself and my femininity in a deeper way.

I credit having done Kim's salon, and making changes to my lifestyle, along with acupuncture, with the miracle of conceiving and giving birth to my baby girl Jade - without IVF naturally at the age of 40.

For women our sexual energy is our creative energy. We birth children as we birth ideas. I am more liberated, happier and more money is flowing into my life since doing Kim's salon and having my baby. Doing Kim's salon has changed my life immeasurably. Thank you Kim for your vagina & life saving work!

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