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  • Measuring 10 cm by 5.5 cm 
  • Comes with a gift bag
  • Unisex
  • Bigger size means you can do the whole face very quickly 
  • Featuring an dipped end which is perfect for gua sha-ing away stress at the base of the head and down the spine
  • Jade is a gemstone that is revered in China for it's healing properties
  • Gua sha is the precursor to Acupuncture and stones were used for treatment of ailments
  • It has super smooth edges which means easy and effective use
  • This Gua Sha Gemston stone can be used either for facial massage or body
  • Handmade in China


Always use a serum or oil. I love lyons leaf and have an affiliate discount code: jacina both the beauty balm and the calendular cream are brilliant for sensitive skin and gua sha

Green Jade Facial Gua Sha Gemstone 10 cm x 5.5cm wavy

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