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I have never had facial acupuncture before, what do I need to know?

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Anouska Loftus,

The Goddess Space

Amazing, healing, professional + absolutely beneficial to skin + overall wellbeing!! I would recommend to anyone

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Camilla Rutherford, Actor

I was sceptical about facial acupuncture but after my course, my results are undeniable.  My sessions with Jacina are "me time"- relaxing between the demands of my work and family. My skin is glowing!


Manal El Feitury,

As an actor I don't want a frozen face. Cosmetic acupuncture has smoothed my frown lines and SERIOUSLY improved my under eye bags. Before you try Botox or fillers why not give this a go?

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FAQ facial acupuncture

What do I need to know?


Unlike Botox or fillers facial acupuncture isn't instant. To achieve substantial results you need to do a course of treatments. Everyone is slightly different, some people see immediate results while others need to wait for 5 or 6 sessions before they notice significant changes.

  • I have had fillers and botox is this suitable? I work around that but suggest that you don't have treatment until your previous treatment has settled - normally one month.

  • Is there any down time? No.

  • Is this safe? Yes all needles are single use and sterile.

  • I am pregnant or breastfeeding is that ok? I prefer not to treat you during this time.

  • Who is not suitable? People who are undergoing treatment or recovering from any serious condition such as cancer, have blood-borne diseases, haemophiliacs and those on blood thinners. 

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