Boost your energy levels with Upbeet, our deliciously rich fusion of organic beetroot, kale, maca, baobab and acai berry.  To this super food combination we have added organic pea and rice protein to create an uplifting nutritious blend, naturally high in fibre and protein, bursting with berry flavour. 

Upbeet is packed with antioxidants, iron and vitamins B, C and E, essential in repairing and preventing cell damage and reducing the signs of ageing. It also provides your body with a potent anti-inflammatory, helps fight fatigue, improves metabolism and contains powerful detoxification properties to aid digestion.

Together the alkalising plant proteins of pea and rice provide a complete source of all nine essential amino acids vital to promote growth, repair body tissue, assist muscle recovery and help you feel fuller for longer. 

Drink this nutrient fuelled berry blend any time of day for a natural uplifting energy boost.  Upbeet is ideal pre and post workout as it will optimise your training performance helping you burn more energy when exercising. 

Our finely ground powder is ready to add to hot water milk or mylk (plant derived milks such as coconut, almond or oat) using the 5g scoop provided. 

For a delicious creamy latte mix one to two scoops in a mug with a little hot milk or mylk (80°) to make a paste then top up and stir until smooth.  Alternatively for a refreshing berry blend add hot water or enjoy cold on ice.  For that extra treat add a squeeze of honey to keep you going between lunch and dinner.



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