When roasted, chicory and dandelion roots offer a smooth, rich, aromatic flavour making a delicious caffeine free alternative to coffee.  To this decadent blend we have added beetroot and baobab with naturally sweet carob, cinnamon and a little Siberian ginseng.

Roasted is a high fibre malty blend packed with proteins, vitamins and antioxidants.  Our organic roasted chicory and dandelion are high in inulin which is a powerful probiotic that helps sustain good bacteria, supports liver function and eliminates toxins.

Roasted is rich in antioxidants which are vital for repairing and preventing cell damage which can help reduce the signs of ageing. This nutrient dense blend will support weight loss by giving you a feeling of fullness without raising blood sugar levels.

Siberian ginseng is highly beneficial for improving stamina, energy and vitality and it is also great for anxiety and stress with sedative qualities believed to restore a sense of calm and aid natural sleep.  Whilst the addition of cinnamon not only adds to Roasted’s delicious taste but also boosts the immune system. 

Relax and enjoy a cup of this smooth, rich, aromatic blend, making a fantastic caffeine-free alternative to coffee.  Perfect in the morning as a satisfying, fortifying brew and in the evening to calm the mind and help aid sleep.

Our finely ground powder is ready to add to hot milk or mylk (plant derived milks such as coconut, almond or oat) using the 5g scoop provided.  Mix one to two scoops in a mug with a little hot milk or mylk (80°) to make a paste then top up and stir until smooth.



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