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Psoriasis or Eczema & Diet in TCM

Having suffered from stubborn facial psoriasis for two years (after a life saving operation to remove a 3.5 kg abscess from my womb and ovaries), I found that TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) acupuncture and herbs was the only cure for my condition.

Having gone to the GP and being referred to skin specialists I was still no nearer to finding a cure. They all told me it wasn't diet related. I disagree. They only had steroid cream to offer me. I would suggest understanding the TCM view AFTER you have seen a doctor and a specialist. This is what worked for me personally however everyone is different.

In TCM all skin conditions relate to the lungs, so if say you are run down after recovering from an illness and live in a city then even pollution can then trigger these kind of skin conditions. The emotion related to lungs is grief or loss to understand more from a TCM perspective I recommend reading this article .

TCM suggests a strong link between 'fiery' Yang foods. Here is a link to my favourite articles and a summary of what to avoid preferably eliminate until cleared:

1. Dairy

2. Highly processed foods

3. Bread

4. Sugar

5. Fermented food (alcohol, vinegars etc)

6. Strong or pungent spices (ginger, black pepper, onion & garlic etc.)

7. Spicy food (chilli peppers)

8. Deep fried foods

9. Peanuts

10. Oranges

11. Red skinned fish and all shellfish

12. Nicotine

13. Caffeine

14. Mutton

15. Stress

16. Extreme temperatures

Here are some very well written detailed descriptions of what can help, from Tai Chi, acupressure points to home remedies:

I love this cream and cannot recommend it enough, no hidden preservatives as this is a water-free formulation, it provides a great barrier and also it is 95% organic ingredients and Vegan.... say no more.

John Tindall (my teacher) gave me acupuncture and herbs. If you are able to visit him in south London Collier's wood I would highly recommend seeing him. I bought a herbal supply from the Green Healer which is onsite at John's clinic (under £50 for a month supply they also last for up to 5 years).

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