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NADA ear protocol for PTDD, disaster relief and addiction treatment

The NADA ear protocol is a five point ear protocol that was originally developed for addiction problems in the 1970's. It has been found to have much broader benefits in terms of treating post traumatic distress disorder PTDD. It is compatible with most any other rehabilitation programs and it doesn't interfere with any medication. The protocol is often used for cancer or HIV/AIDs suffers who wish to lessen the side effects of their treatment drugs.

NADA Ear Detox – is a detox, stress reducer, and energy builder treatment all in one with proven positive results. Using just 5 points in each ear it has proven results and is used worldwide as a scalable effective treatment protocol.

Below is quoting directly from the NADA 2016 brochure:

What is the NADA model? A non-verbal approach to healing that involves the gentle placement of up to five small, sterilized disposable needles into specific sites on each ear. The recipients sit quietly in a group setting for 30-45 minutes. NADA ear acupuncture is an adjunct therapy which is clinically effective, cost-efficient, drug-free and compatible cross-culturally. It can easily be established within behavioral health, addictions or disaster relief settings or in any location that a group of people can sit together. The combined application of acupuncture with counseling, education, medical support and self-help groups such as AA and NA enhances opportunities for success. Benefits show:

• Reduced cravings for alcohol and drugs, including nicotine

• Minimized withdrawal symptoms

• Increased calmness, better sleep, and less agitation

• Relief from stress and emotional trauma

• An easier connection with counseling

• A discovery of inner quiet and strength

• An intention for recovery

From a TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) standpoint the protocol moves Qi through five fixed points; while it is well-known to and accepted as being effective we cannot exactly explain what the protocol does in a Western sense. “Looking at various Western research, there’s a release of endorphins and it promotes the release of serotonin, dopamine and various other neurotransmitters. There’s quite a few things happening on a molecular level. Western research … doesn’t explain everything, but it starts to paint a picture.” Quote by Mark Foley- acupuncturist.

Most recently here in London the NADA protocol has been used to support those affected by the Grenfell tower disaster. This incident has touched many people who are in shock and disbelief of the tragedy. People are traumatised from seeing and knowing that so many died nearby, we have heard stories that many people who witnessed the tragedy we unable to help and felt helpless as they watched as people were burnt to death.

In my humble opinion the NADA protocol is so powerful as it is a non talking therapy, it is effective and can be easily administered en mass in a group environment (it can be done in a chair or even standing). For so many reasons it is popular world wide in not only drug rehabilitation but in calming high stress situations, such as those in and working in prisons, and for disaster relief (hurricane Katrina, 911, Grenfell Tower), for refugees, and for returning military and service personnel.

Essentially what the NADA protocol can help with is break the cycle of stress, anxiety or depression. It is a very cost effective treatment only requiring ten needles. It doesn't interfere with any other drugs or medication. Unlike medication there are no side-effects, you cannot overdose on the protocol (it is found to be most effective in drug rehabilitation when done daily even several times a day). Patients can feel the effects immediately so it isn't like taking a prescribed medicine and having to wait a couple months to see it it works.

You don't even have to fell unwell or stressed to benefit from this treatment. I offer this treatment and can include this protocol in my facial treatments; the overwhelming feedback is that it is calming and relaxing.

Because the treatment is so effective (even for those with acute medical conditions such as cancer or HIV) it is my hope that it will become more readily available for more people. I would prefer to see people using natural pain remedies such as acupuncture to help manage stress, anxiety and depression. I do think that the world still needs prescription drugs, however I think that we are tending, as a society, to over medicate perhaps even at the expense of trying to address the root of the problem: making lifestyle changed, diet, exercise and addressing our mental state of well-being.

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