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London Acupuncturists Respond to Crisis at Grenfell Tower

Free community acupuncture clinics now open at 3 London centres.

27 June 2017, London - The 2,000 year old medical practice of acupuncture has

been brought into the 21st century through proven and effective research methods to

treat patients, children, volunteers and all people impacted in times of shock and


Worldwide, acupuncture is seen to have a place in disaster medicine. Treatments

have been used to aid citizens during times of critical disasters these include post

9/11 treatments to the New York City community, the aftermath of the 2011 hurricane

in Teresópolis, Brazil, whereby 900 died. In the UK military personnel the receive

acupuncture for post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and Battlefield Acupuncture is

widely taught and used by the USA military.

Two London Acupuncturists rallied together after the Grenfell Tower tragedy to set up

front line “Emergency Acupuncture” at various London locations. Since then, over 50

volunteer acupuncturists have joined the cause to treat the community for post

traumatic stress. Some of our team has worked in Gaza and Myanmar so we have

this amazing front line experience. In addition, a number of acupuncture supply

companies have agreed to match donations for equipment to aid the emergency

acupuncture clinics.

Emergency Acupuncture can be found at the following locations:

• Ad hoc ‘Street Clinics’ under the flyer over near Westway Sports Centre,

where treat the public on the street

• The Mosque: Fridays – 4 -7pm and Saturdays 1 – 5pm. The Muslim Cultural

Centre 244 Acklam Road, W10 5YG

• The Dalgarno Centre, Dalgarno Way, London W10 5LE. Treatment space on

Fridays 10am – 1pm

Community Style Acupuncture consists of:

* Ear / Auricular treatments using pre-packaged, sterilized, disposable needles or ear


* Treatments done in a group setting using an effective protocol for reducing stress,

panic and anxiety, improving sleep, and creating a general sense of well-being.

“We have already treated hundreds of people; the benefits to people’s lives has been

incredible, which no other medicine can do in this immediate way, our team have

worked flat out and the results have been absolutely fantastic.”

Sheira Chan, Co-Founder, Emergency Acupuncture


Gisela Norman 07968 855 001

Sheira Chan 07761 092 904

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