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Beauty Beneath at Boots Skin Supplements

I have been taken these skin supplements, they have been expertly formulated to help with skin texture, fine lines and wrinkles and collagen production. They are quite large pills and you take one of each size daily - two different shaped pills.

We can only do so much my trying to improve our skin from the outside. We need to nourish our skin from the inside too, by the foods we eat. We are not always eating exactly the right things so it can help to take a skin supplement.

Our skin is our canvass, ideally makeup is to enhance that glow and not something we want to always rely on just to feel ok. To get the best skin we can achieve we need to look after our health with exercise, healthy diet, lifestyle; a good supplement is going to help. Being well in yourself is very important too, you want to try and be genuinely positive and happy; as we age our face shows what kind of life we have led. I remember clearly my teacher our Russian/ German teacher explaining that you could tell if someone was miserable and wretched later in life by looking at their face.

From the Boots website a bit about this supplement:

Beauty Beneath is formulated with an expert blend of phyto-nutrients including Lycopene and Vitamins C and E. Also includes Biotin, Marine Collagen and Omegas 3 & 6

*these are not vegeterian


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